Historical Reproduction Marine Corps Uniform Educational Packages

In addition to the presentation of our own historical programing we also provide a variety of services to other agencies in the development and presentation of their own programs.

As stated, the USMC Historical Company is a not-for-profit educational corporation established to support the United States Marine Corps, and Marine Corps Heritage Foundation. One of our principle tasks is provide consultation, logistical, and material support to other Marine Corps agencies in providing historical programing.

As part of our primary mission we are continually researching and establishing resources for museum quality Marine Corps uniforms and equipment to support our educational programs. We have also developed and supplied uniforms for the National Museum of the Marine Corps, and the President’s Own Marine Band, and regularly support other agencies such as the CMC’s Protocol office, the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation, and Marine Barracks 8th & I with staff and uniforms for historical programs. We are not a dealer or ‘vender.’ However, with the Marine Corps no longer supplying Historical Marine “Pageant” uniforms and no other agency actively focused on this type of development, by default we have essentially become the exclusive organization dealing with the research and development of the full spectrum of historic reproduction Marine Corps uniforms.

Because of the continuos requests we regularly receive from Marine Corps bases and Commands, as a courtesy we are willing to compile and supply Educational Packages including sets of historic uniforms. This Service is only offered Marine Corps Commands, Bases, and museums and agencies associated with the Corps. We review requests, and our ability to meet them, on a case by case basis.

Each package is custom tailored to each requesting agency. The package includes a book covering the complete historical background of the uniform and the era it represents, and a complete description of each uniform and it’s components, photographs and description of how to wear each uniform, and training material on the history and proper handling and use of associated weapons and equipment.

The following is a basic list of the most requested uniforms. Each are usable historically accurate uniforms, not costumes. Each is made for practical wear but is correct enough to use in museum exhibits. A detailed list of the component elements that make up each uniform is available upon request.


    1. The American Revolution : Continental Marine Regulation Dress

    2. The Barbary War, Tripoli: Marine 1798 Regulation Dress

    3. The War of 1812: Marine 1805/11 Service Dress

    4. Seminole Wars, Florida: M1833 Service Dress

    5. The Mexican War: Marine M1839 Fatigue Dress

    6. The American Civil War: Marine M1859 Undress

    7. Spanish-American War: Marine M1892 Undress or Fatigue Dress

    8. Philippine Insurrection: Marine 1898 Fatigue (Tropical Field Service) Dress

    9. World War One: Marine M1917 Winter Service (field)

    10. Banana Wars: Marine M1926 Summer Service (field)

    11. World War Two, 1942-Guadalcanal: Marine M1941 utility uniform and equipment

    12. World War Two: USMC Women’s Reserve, M1943 Summer Service

    13. World War Two, 1943-Tarawa: Marine, M1942 camouflage utility uniform and equipment

    14. Korean War: Marine, M1941 (44 modified) utility uniform and cold weather gear

    15. Vietnam War: M1965 Jungle utility uniform and M19565/62 Marine ‘782’

We have developed many other uniforms from the various eras, including many full dress, and we are continually developing and adding further uniforms and equipment to our inventory. If their is something special that you would like to include in your Package that is not listed above please inquire. We have custom developed several “one of a kinds” for several Commands. However research and development, establishing manufacturing sources and prototypes, construction time, and expense will be a definite contributing factors in delivery time and expense.

Costs for these Packages is calculated on a case by case basis, and takes into account several factors including the time and staff (both of which are extremely limited) that will need to be diverted from our normal mission to procure, assemble, package and deliver the uniforms, and the time and cost to procure all of the various component items.

We are currently working with a motion picture supplier to produce highly accurate rubber/resin castings of the various Marine small arms associated with the uniforms. These are the same as those normally produced for use in films. Please feel free to inquire about details by contacting the Director.

In addition to being a Not-for-profit Educational Corporation, to better facilitate providing the above services the USMC Historical Company is a registered Government Contractor, Cage Code# 55G43.